Things will often look difficult and the young may question their own abilities. In SIS we help our learners to understand adversity and persevere. We work with them very closely in their journey towards their own goals. We celebrate effort.

Analytical Thinking

Activities around subject content look at real life situations and problems. Students are taught to analyze before solving problem. They test predictions and generate solutions. They learn to plan, prioritize and act. Note taking is an important area of focus here.

Communication / Collaboration

Our learners are guided to communicate in a manner where others can understand their viewpoints. They learn to listen and appreciate other views. Students are also taught to communicate their ideas through diagrams, graphs, charts, and other digital tools widely used today. Students are given ample opportunities to work in teams that are often randomly put together. They learn about collaboration and leadership.


The many Inter-Disciplinary Projects (IBDP) in SIS require our learners to be creative and innovative.  They will apply their knowledge across many disciplines, testing and communicating their ideas. In the senior years students, through our Business Studies and Enterprise program, students undertake projects to explore entrepreneurship through their creative and innovative skills.

What does a partnership with Southgate mean?

All Southgate schools enjoy established links built over the years with key educational institutions in Singapore and overseas, to gain access to cutting edge development.

University Network

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I am pleased to share that SIS has been nominated for the prestigious 2019 Financial Times...
I am pleased to share that SIS has been nominated for the prestigious 2019 Financial Times...
SIS CEO and founder Jaspal Sidhu learned early in his childhood how education was going to have...
We believe the core responsibility of any school is to prepare its students for the future.
If you don’t already know, CCAs stand for “Co-Curricular Activities”. These are usually clubs...
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As parents and teachers we sometimes become overly focused on the immediately tangible:
Fact: Childhood is one of the most critical phases of every human’s development.

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