ASK Webinar series by Jaspal Sidhu Topic: Global Crisis Once in a Life-time Universal Learning Moment. "So we can support what the child is learning, what the expectations are.
The SIS Group of Schools was truly honored to win the 2019 award for “Transformational Solutions In Education, Knowledge And Skills” for its work to ensure access to
Jaspal Sidhu, a Singaporean, is the Founder and Chairman of the SIS Group of Schools. The SIS Group is Indonesia’s largest chain of quality private K-12 schools,
ASK Webinar, Schools of Tomorrow - Education for All - Taking the SIS Story Global. The webinar is in English Minutes per-points: 1. Motivation 13:31​ 2. Price points and quality 15:45​ 3. Inspirasi Schools 18:45​
This is an initiative where we have private interviews with different stakeholders in the education sector around the world and get their opinions on necessary policies needed to boost the education
Edulight is our online platform organised by Teachtact where education enthusiasts and innovators across the globe/world come together to discuss trends and developments
Reimagining Schools by Dr. Navneet Sharma & Mr. Jaspal Sidhu - SIS Group of Schools - We are an expanding network of high-quality schools in Indonesia, Myanmar, India, and soon
For the SIS Group of Schools, safety and security concerns are our first priority and we take active steps to ensure we are operating according to local and international best-practices.
Indonesia will hit a demographic bonus by 2030, a period when the country's population will be made up mostly of people of productive age. At the same time, Indonesia is also...
Endeavours to improve student outcomes often depend on two things; the student’s effort and the quality of the teacher. To get a student to put in the maximum effort to achieve his/her potential...