Strategic Partnerships

In 2002 Southgate formed a strategic partnership with the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group). After a thorough examination of the programme and governance standards of the Southgate Schools, IFC decided to partner with SIS.

In a IFC press release in 2004, IFC East Asia Regional Director Javed Hamid described the project as …..”one that will extend access to high quality primary and secondary education in Indonesia.” The IFC press release also mentioned Southgate “providing high quality education modeled after the Singapore curriculum.”

Today the solid partnership with IFC (World Bank) has put Southgate on the world stage. The Founder often speaks at IFC (World Bank) education conferences where the high standards and success of the Southgate Schools are shared in the international arena. IFC (World Bank) works closely with Southgate in its expansion strategies including providing debt, design consultancy, linking SIS to top schools world-wide, insights into green architecture and good governance.

What does a Partnership with Southgate mean?

A partnership with Southgate includes the following benefits:

  • All Southgate schools enjoy established links built over the years with key educational institutions in Singapore and overseas, to gain access to cutting edge development
  • The Southgate Group of Schools enjoy the benefits of a strategic relationship with the IFC, International Finance Corporation (World Bank) which provides free technical assistance by international education and system experts from Washington. This includes design elements to qualify for the world-wide recognized EDGE green certification by the IFC (World Bank
  • The Southgate success story is regularly highlighted in domestic and international conferences including those organized by the IFC (World Bank), adding to the reputation of the partner School
  • Southgate’s sound recruitment and training philosophy ensures only the best are hired
  • Good governance and tested Southgate systems ensure confidence, effective results and admiration from stakeholders as well as international organizations
  • The focus on high academic performance in Southgate Schools throughout the child’s learning journey is balanced with active participation in Sports, Creative Arts and in Community Services
  • Feedback channels across all Southgate schools ensure essential voices of our stakeholders are heard
  • Southgate Schools adopts a “Live” curriculum approach that is regularly reviewed and updated, and internationally benchmarked.  It is continuously appraised and reviewed to promote well rounded students, strong in the academics, sports and performing arts
  • The Southgate Group is an international network of schools which brings a true meaning to the word “international” for students, parents and teachers as opposed to a school flaunting the word “international” amidst a very local environment
  • Southgate teachers are passionate and experienced
  • Southgate offers a distinct brand name which comes with a promise and an expectation of a quality education
  • A partnership with Southgate includes a host of advisory services that starts at the conceptual phase of establishing a quality School which ensures all round cost savings
  • Southgate Schools utilize tested and proven marketing and communication techniques to increase enrollment and involvement of all stakeholders
  • The Southgate network helps in sourcing and training of quality teachers and experienced school leaders
  • Supervision and management of all Southgate schools is by a high caliber passionate, diverse and experienced team from the Support Office
  • Southgate Schools employ IT systems that allow effective monitoring and tracking of school operations as well as helping students select their subjects and colleges
  • The Southgate budgeting and strategic planning processes make operations very focused and cost-effective
  • Effective professional development programs for Southgate schools is carried out only after a clearly defined Southgate “Needs-analysis” exercise by the Support Office, and all subsequent training is conducted by experts within the Southgate network as well as international educationists and consultants
  • The Southgate school-based examinations/assessments organized by the Council of Principals (Head Teachers) ensure high standards are maintained across all Southgate schools, and analysis of the results ensure timely intervention takes place at class-levels
  • All Southgate schools are international benchmarked either through the respected Cambridge’s CIE (CIPP, IGCSE, A levels), local examination boards, or International Baccalaureate
  • The Southgate network of schools across different geographies provides teacher and student exchange opportunities and active collaborative opportunities, ensuring the sharing of best practices
  • The Southgate Schools Program is a student-centered, project-based learning journey where inter-disciplinary projects are regularly carried out with other Southgate Schools outside the home country giving students a real international experience
  • Every Southgate employee has a detailed job description with clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are regularly reviewed and appraised to ensure an overall effective team is in place working towards a common goal
  • Effective feedback Southgate systems allow our partners a pulse on their investments and non-financial objectives
  • The proximity, and established links to Singapore (ranked the number one education system in the world by PISA) allows all Southgate schools to benefit from the billions of dollars spent by the Singapore government on research and development in the education sector in the face of an unpredictable 21st century
  • Computer technology, green ideas/concepts and community out-reach programs are central to the curriculum in Southgate Schools which sets the foundations of the millennial student
  • The Southgate initiative termed PACE (Perseverance, Analytical Thinking, Collaboration/Communication and Entrepreneurism) is actively imbibed in the curriculum to ensure students are ready to face the challenges of the 21st century
  • A partnership with Southgate guarantees long term stable financial returns as well as socio-economic benefits especially relevant to real estate developers, local and provincial governments, fund managers as well as other organizations