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SIS Chairman Jaspal Sidhu Interview by Forbes Indonesia

Jaspal Sidhu, founder and chairman of Singapore Intercultural School (SIS), is a Singaporean who has lived in Indonesia for 30 years, previously working as an engineer in the mining sector from Aceh to Kalimantan. He quit his career in mining because his father thought he should be working where he could have more of an impact on people. Reflecting on his life, Jaspal realized that it was a quality education that had brought him success. That was also why his father who worked as a security officer tried his best to give his children the best education he could afford.

Quality education usually comes with a high price tag. He said his children went to an international school in Jakarta that cost $25,000 annually, way out of the reach of most families. He felt that the price could be significantly reduced without sacrificing the quality, while at the same time being profitable and growing. Jaspal opened his first school, SIS South Jakarta in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, in 1997. The annual school fee was set at $15,000, which is almost half the price tag of an average international school in the city.